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What is Irritable bowel syndrome ?

  • It does this by transmitting signals between neurons, or nerve cells, in the brain. In other words, it is a neurotransmitter. When the nerve cells that produce dopamine in the brain degenerate, as occurs in Parkinson's dis- ease (PD), dropping dopamine levels cause neurons and muscles to lose touch with one another. Read More
  • Malaysians are only slightly better off, but are also heading the same way, because we also indulge in fast foods and poor diets, and most hardly exercise. Nearly 40% of adult Malaysians are overweight, including about 10% or more who are obese. Read More
  • This constant win-lose scenario can be very demoralising for both patients and their caregivers. So Meyer suggests looking at managing diseases like Parkinson's as a collab- oration or group project instead. One that patient, his caregiver(s), and healthcare and support workers can develop together to achieve "goals of comfort, dignity, and healing life-styles. Read More
  • The colon is a portion of our large intestine that runs from the cecum down to the rectum, The large intestine stores waste, reabsorhs water and helps maintain electrolyte and water balance, The small intestine plays an important, complementary role in helping to digest our foods. Read More
  • You can support your body's self-elimination channels with the colon hydrotherapy to optimise the detoxification process of the colon, liver and kidney Read More

  • Calcium is found in leafy green vegetables, calcium-rich dairy products, tofu, dhal, mussels, ikan bills, sardine, baked beans, and calcium-fortified foods and juices, If this is insufficient, calcium supplements (calcium carbonate, citrate, calcium lactate and calcium gluconate) may be used. More Details

  • You cannot succeed by pushing away problems or shirking responsibility in today's increasingly competitive and demanding workplace. You need to polish up your interpersonal communication skills and cultivate a positive, winning attitude towards your work. More Details

  • How to eat healthy at work

  • Toussaint has 20 years' experience in comprehensive business development and leadership in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Coming from the pharmaceutical industry with a marketing background in immunology and cardiovascular diseases, he found that the young discipline of sleep medicine offered an interesting niche market for mandibular advancement devices. He decided to start his own projects in that segment, mainly focusing on prefabricated oral appliances. He took two years to develop the first-generation SomnoGuard. More info

  • PERIMENOPAUSE is that transitional time when a woman goes from having regular periods to ending menstruation. Dr Howard A. Zacur, professor of repro-ductive endocrinology and director of the division of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, says not all women experience the same symptoms; some may not experience perimenopause at all. More info

  • Scientists recently unveiled labmade human antibodies that could lead to a universal vaccine for several types of influenza, including the highly lethal H5N1 bird flu and the "Spanish Flu" strain that killed tens of millions in 1918. Vaccines have long been the first line of defence against various diseases, beginning with Edward Jenner's creation of the world's first vaccine for smallpox in the 1790s. More info

  • A look at the treatment landscape of advanced prostate cancer.
    Few outside the world of oncology (oncology is the study of cancer) realise that 2001 was a momentous year in the development of cancer treatment. In May 2001, the US Food and Drug Association (FDA) approved the drug imatinib for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukaemia, heralding the age of "targeted therapy". More Info
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