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mind purificationIt is a known fact that today's modern diet, that is commonly low in greens and high in meat preservatives and chemicals, create a highly toxic and acidic body. Years of undigested food, chemicals and toxic wastes accumulated in the colon breed unhealthy bacteda and virus that could lead to stomach disorder, malnutrition, bloated abdomen, irritable bowel, obesity and many other infectious diseases.

Hence, a regime of a c eansing diet rich in greens, fruits and grains with natural juices are highly recommended. Additional supplements such as fibre drinks, friendly bacteria and antioxidants to enhance the body's energy and to detoxify are essential.

You can also support your body's self-elimination channels with the colon hydrotherapy to optimise the detoxification process of the colon, liver and kidney.

Colon hydrotherapy is a powerful cleansing procedure where water from an approved equipment travels in and out of the colon for about 40 minutes to bathe and clean the colon; flushing out excessive undigested food, chemicals and toxic wastes. This helps improve the colon muscular movement, rebuild healthy intestinal flora for bette immune system, better digestion and elimination. The therapy is administered by a trained colon therapist to ensure safety and effective results.

Shirley, an experienced and certified colon care therapist, says, "Colon hydrotherapy is natural and suitable for anyone who wants to stay healthy. It makes the body less toxic and stressed, lighter, and helps improves mental clarity. It is highly recommended for those with history of unwholesome diet or currently experiencing a heavy and bloated abdomen. We understand that everyone is different, hence, we will customise our cleansing supplement according to the customer's colon condition."

A few sessions of the colon hydrotherapy helps relieve a person experiencing constipation, inflammation of the colon, bloated-ness, indigestion, diarrhoea,body odour, bad breath, chronic fatigue, yeast infections and obesity, headaches, backaches, and skin problems.

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