The many functions of our colon

Cleansing the body

appleDo you suffer from all sorts of ailments such as constipation, acne, brain fog, fatigue or just feeling sluggish sometimes? If so, it might be a warning that your colon is giving out for attention.

Our colon is a large organ that directly affects all other organs in your body, When the colon is unable to function well, the major detoxification organ (liver) and the kidneys cannot do their jobs properly, A good start might be to cleanse your colon.

Most people reach the state of unhealthy colons through a combination of bad diet, poor lifestyle choices and bad living conditions.


You are what you eat

Most Malaysians have a bad habit of overeating. Overeating leads to an overuse of enzymes and can cause the colon to work extra hard. A lot of food waste and toxins are accumulated in the colon, and this can cause many major health problems.

Besides that, there are also some food we eat daily which are rather unhealthy for the colon. Cookies, cakes, processed foods, chips, sweets, canned food and other processed foods contain many artificial and chemical additives, preservatives, stabilisers that can be detrimental to our health.

Frequent consumption of these foods can only lead to more build-up of toxins in our bodies, especially in the colon.

The many functions of our colon

The colon is a portion of our large intestine that runs from the cecum down to the rectum, The large intestine stores waste, reabsorhs water and helps maintain electrolyte and water balance, The small intestine plays an important, complementary role in helping to digest our foods,

Hence it is important to note how digestion and detoxificafion are actually two systems interrelated and are both equally important to maintain in order to enjoy a healthy body system.

Why cleansing is important

All of us have toxins in our bodies. Unhealthy toxins can come from an unhealthy diet, pesticides or pollution from the environment, stress, overeating or under-eating, simply


These toxins burden our colon and make it work harder than necessarily needed.

Colon cleansing can remove these toxins and relieve that "burden" so as to enable our colon work more efficiently. From time to time, get rid of the wastes that have accumulated by cleansing the body. If the intestines are clogged, it becomes more difficult to absorb the necessary nutrients.

What's worse is if the toxins are re-circulated back into the body, it can cause sickness and other symptoms such as acne and headaches.

How to get rid of bodily toxins

Drinking a colon cleansing tea made from natural herbs is a good and easy way to do some bowel "spring cleaning". Try Natural Clenx Tea, a colon cleansing tea under the NH Detoxlim brand, which helps to shape up your body.

Natural Clenx Tea helps to cleanse the bowel and eliminate all excess fat stored in the region.

It is said to improve your overall well-being, stimulate bowel movement, enhance the digestive system, increase metabolism, activate kidney functions and assist in removing all bodily toxins. It can also help to relieve fatigue, constipation and other earlier mentioned symptoms.

This formulation has been clinically proven to help peristaltic movement in the colon. It does not overstimulate the gastrointestinal tract or cause water loss. So, do your body a favour and start "spring cleaning" today.

Natural Clenx Tea is available at pharmacies, hypermarkets and selected traditional medicine halls nationwide. Each box (20 teabags) retails at RM28.80 (WM) or RM29.80 (EM).

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