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ScarsHealing scars

Scars can come in many shapes and sizes, but one thing's for sure - one such blemish on your skin can get in the way of having confidence in your appearance. Some large scars, such as postsurgery ones can also affect the way you dress. Smaller scars on tile arms or legs might be easier to cover up, but what if it's a facial scar? Most people would love to erase me look of that "battle wound",

Guess what? With the aavances made in the field of dermatology today, you can smoothen out scars and boost your self-esteem!

Medical scar treatments

There are a number of methods that a dermatologist can use to hole diminish the appearance of a scar – whether it is a scar-healing patch, serum or even laser surgery.

Keep in mind that even aser surgery will not bring back your original skin condition, though it can make a scar less visible to most peep e. Laser treatment is considered a form of surgery and as usual, there are risks involved with this type of orecedure just like any other surgery.

Topical treatments

Another option for scar minimisation is topical treatments that can be purchased over the counter or prescribed to you by a dermatologist. One of the most popular rub-on scar treatments is natural vitamin E, which can be applied directly onto the skin.This natural vitamin E topical treatment shouldbe massaged onto your skin thoroughly.

It is said that massaging of the skin around the scar will reorganize the collagen bundles in your skin. thus helping to reduce the appearance of the scar.

Natur E with natural vitamin E that heals

It is of UTmOSt importance to keep your skin well ncunshed. because healthy skin plays a big role in the way scars heal, Garden of Eden's Natur E contains high concentration of pharmaceutical quality grade of natural vitamin E extracted from soya.

It is better to opt for natural vitamin E compared to synthetic vitamin E, as the skin absorbs natural vitamin E better and is 36% more effective than the synthetic form.

In addition, Garden of Eden Natur E has a special QPA effect (Quick Penetration and Absorption) that enhances the quick absorption of Natural Vitamin E deep into the dermal layer of the skin.

This increases the product's effectiveness and leaves the skin soft and supple, instead of it feeling greasy. Natural Vitamin E is known to fight free radicals and strengthen skin collagen and tissue. It works really well on fine lines, cracked skin and on your heels! Wounds hear with minimal scarring and old scars fade away to leave skin supple and smooth.

Garden of Eden's Natur E is all-natural and does not contain chemicals, mineral oil, preservatives, animal ingredients, colouring or fragrances. It is suitable for face, body, and even those with sensitive skin.

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